Michael English & Russ Taff in Concert (Sugarcreek)

July 18, 2017
Grammy Award Winner and 13 Time Dove Award Winner As a Christian music artist, Michael English sold a tremendous amount of records, had an array of number one hits on the radio charts and won nearly every Dove Award known to man, including “Artist of the Year” and “Best Male Vocalist” during the course of his career. Authentic, but never predictable, Russ Taff’s eclectic taste is reflected in his recordings and live concerts, as he draws from all genres – rock, pop, blues, Southern gospel, Black gospel, country, even big band. “I guess I’m just not a right-down-the-middle kind of guy,” he cheerfully admits. “I’ve been influenced by so many styles that I try to never place restrictions on myself. If it moves me, I figure it will probably move other people too.”

TIME: visit website   LOCATION: Ohio Star Theater (map)
CONTACT: Box Office (855) 344-7547
WEBSITE: www.ohiostartheater.com